Sandon WA INC is our non for profit arm that enables us to give back to the community.


Sandon WA INC exists to provide all members of the community, regardless of age, skill level, gender or sexual orientation with a supportive and socially inclusive environment to participate in training and upskilling opportunities in the resources sector in particular jobs in the mining, civil and transport industries. 


The Sandon Wa committee will encourage, administer, promote and advance training opportunities in Western Australia through upskilling and training opportunities, personal career development and career growth opportunities.

All of Sandon WA Inc success will be promoted on our news page.



Two reasons;

First being ‘Sand’ is what the mining, civil and transport industries are built on.

Putting Sand on top builds the industries futures.

The second reason is our founders children’s names are; Santos and Adonis.

SAN – DON is an accumulation of these names. This organisation is our commitment to the future generations in our industry and our children’s legacy which will encourage them to give back to their community.

If you would like to hear more about Sandon WA Inc or partner with us to make an impact on our sector please head to the Contact Us page.