Material & Recycling Services


Materials available


Why choose us?

We can supply a range of materials, including bulk transport/ delivery and small excavators and mini diggers to assist you in spreading the material. 

Sand types_consolidated sands


We offer a range of sand types; clean fill, yellow fill, paving, brickie, lawn, topsoil and concrete sands.


We offer a range of limestone sizes, filter rocks, rock spalls, armour rocks, biscuit rocks and more.
Blue Metal correct ratio


We offer metal aggregate, road base, crusher dust/sand/quarry sand, rock spalls, boulders, armour rocks and more.
gravel ferricrete


We offer gravel, fine gravel, road base, subbase, pebbles, stones, round stones, filter rocks, armour rocks and rock spalls.
Garden Soils Consolidated Group


We offer a range of soils from landscape mix, soil conditioner, spotty mix, lawn mix, fine compost and native mix.
Mulch_woodchips_Consolidated Group


We have a wide range of mulch from jarrah, pine bark, Eco in both chips and mulch.
Drainage Rock _ Consolidated Group


We offer drain rock that is a type of gravel used in drainage systems to filter water through the small gaps between the rocks perfect for garden landscaping and other projects.
Recycled Product_Consolidated Group


We care for the environment and offer a range of recycled sand, road base, eco base, aggregates and asphalt profiling (Grade A & B)
To discuss material options call us on 0459 786 391 

Recycling Services


Why choose us?

We can take care of your transport and disposal costs of the following recycling: 

•Clean Fill/Soil

•Clean Asphalt

•Clean Mulch

•Clean green waste (No contamination)

•All small clean concrete with (no reo)

•Mixed concrete (no reo)

•Limestone blocks only (no sand)

•Bitumen/ asphalt profiling/ road base/ gravel/ limestone mixed

•All concrete only with lighter reo

•Mixed concrete with reo

•All concrete only with heavy reo

•Rocks (coffee or granite)

•Mixed Inert Waste

•Clean Green Waste

•Oversize Green Waste or Palm Waste

•Glass Only




To discuss options please contact us.