Lithium Loading and Haulage

2023 – Current 


Consolidated Transport has been transporting lithium from the Greenbushes mine to Bunbury Port since January 2023. Our drivers use reliable AAA trailers to transport around 5-7 thousand tonnes of lithium weekly. The driver’s job in this transportation process requires multiple skills, as they operate the machinery themselves during the loading process. Our internal training department has upskilled several MC drivers to take on these additional responsibilities effectively. These drivers work in shifts, ensuring the operation runs 24/7 while maintaining compliance with HVA fatigue requirements.

The roads in the South Western region of Western Australia are becoming busier than ever before, and it is essential for our drivers to prioritize the safety of the public. In addition, they need to have access to the Port with an MSIC card and multiple other mine inductions. To ensure that all these requirements are met, we have developed a comprehensive onboarding system.